I finally decided that I would install my tweeters from my old truck in the Dak, but I didn't have the little pods they go into. So I figured that I could do a clean installation without them.

I got the nerve up, and after matching the correct size hole saw(1 1/2") I started drilling.
First off, you need to remove the door panel, this is really quite simple. Remove 4 screws, one up by the mirror, two on the very bottom of the panel, one exposed inside the handle, and one with a little round cover in the door latch handle. After they are removed, grab the handle, and lift slightly on the panel, then out slightly, not too far now. Now you need to carefully remove the locking and latch connectors. They are held in place with a plastic bar attached to the back of the panel, and a metal bar that inserts into them. You will see that you just need to pry the bar out a bit from the clamp, and then lift it out of the hole. Do this for both.
Now undo the power lock and window wiring, just press in the little clip on the wiring harness and pull out. Now you have a free panel. Everything is now exposed for what you need to do if you want to change out your speakers.
This is where I started to drill. My tweeters are Polk Audio. They have a little lip where they screen meets the plastic housing, so I figure if I drill o hole just big enough for the screen, it should be a nice smooth install. Yes, it actually worked. After I drilled the hole, I used my Dremel tool on the inner edge of the hole to bore it out a little with an angle, this allows the tweeter to sit right up fulsh to the surface.
Now to mount the tweeter. Once your hole is sufficient, you need some metal strapping. I used some left-over pieces from my grill installation. You will see that on the back side of the door panel there are two small plastic pieces that stick out with holes in them, almost like they were made for helping with this project. I cut some strapping just long enough to have a screw go in each of these plastic pieces that stick out. I then cut a piece of foam to go inbetween the back of the tweeter and the strap. Now you just need two screws that will fit nicely into the plastic pieces. Screw them in, and your done. The tweeter is just held there by the force of the strap and the foam. Mine is pretty ridgid, and is not going anywhere.
Sure beats emtying your wallet at a stereo shop for them to do it. And now you can say you did it yourself!

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