I just decided to install a home made grill. I just couldn't see spending $150 - $250 for something I could do myself. I started with a sheet of 18 guage 1/4" expanded metal from my local metal shop.

I then cut out some templates to rough fit so I could get them into the grill area. I started to cut them with a dremel tool, dumb idea. Then I tried to cut it with my jig saw with a fast metal blade, not bad. Then I decided to try a pair of tin snips, these worked great. After I had the completed size, I flamed them with a blow torch to burn off all the oils, then I painted them with an automotive primer, and finished with a few coats of chrome spray paint.
Now you need to decide how you are going to open your hood once you have the grill installed. I drilled a small hole in the release latch and ran a 1/16" cable through it and made a loop at the end with a clamp. I then ran the cable down the grill frame(black tube in middle) Held with a zip tie. With the proper length set, I made another loop in the cable with a metal link at the bottom. This is used by putting your finger through the link and pulling down to open the hood.

To install this grill I had to cut out the stock one(just the part you see from the front of the truck), when you look at the back-side of the grill, it's attached with some melted plastic points. You want to leave this frame in place.
Place the grill pieces in place and pre-drill into that black plastic frame with a 1/16" bit. Then attach grill with screws around the outside.
The bottom grill took a bit more thought. After I did the same as above to get the right size for the grill piece, I had to figure a way to attach it. I bought a couple pieces of pipe hanger at Lowe's, about $1.50 ea. and cut off the loop end so I just had the strap piece with holes in it. I though about using plumbers tape, but it just isn't ridgid enough.
There are a couple #25 torx screws about the vertical pieces of the valence, you want to shape the strap so that you can attach the top to the lower screw, then fold back under the bumper and back down the valance.
Put the grill piece in place and mark where the vertical sectional are on the valance, on the back of the grill piece. Attach straps to vertical marked line on grill with small bolts. Remove torx screws, place grill and attach. Bolts that hold grill to straps should how be hidden behind vertical valance pieces.

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